"Having a Wonderful Time" My latest screen print! :D



Woodblock print 2012


Norman Lindsay - Atlantis, 1925


From Sorcellerie Magnétisme, Morphinisme Délire des Grandeurs by Dr. Paul Regnard 1887

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Cornelis Anthonisz, The Fall of the Tower of Babel, 1547

The text in the top right reads ‘Babelon / Genesis 14’. Originally it read Genesis 11, which makes more sense as that is the chapter where the construction of the tower and the punishment are described. The number 14 probably refers to the chapter about the Last Judgment in the Book of Revelation.

The text in the top left banner is somewhat strange: “When it was at its highest / it should not do fall”. The stone in the bottom left is inscribed with the date 1547. (x)


Le Baiser by Marcel Roux (1878-1922)


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"Women’s hair became so complicated that it took on a whole new vocabulary; even individual curls or sections of curls had names—frivolite, des migraines, i’insurgent, monte la haut, sorti, frelange, flandon, burgoigne, choux, crouche, berger, confident, and many more. (Chignon, for a knot at the back of the head, is about the only word that survives from this once-extensive vocabulary.)” -At Home, Bill Bryson

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