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Art by Boris Artzybasheff



I put a lot of effort and attention to detail into our costumes this year. I knitted her sweater and got her vintage Nikes. People in the neighborhood didn’t get it and just thought I was a lazy parent.

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John Vassos

Illustration for Oscar Wilde’s Salome


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LumaVision TV set, by Stig Lindberg


Pictured Above:

Stig Lindberg’s Salix tea cup and saucer in red

Info: Featuring a small, red leaf pattern on white ceramic, Stig Lindberg’s mod Swedish Salix design is highly prized as one of the most iconic in his line of ceramics.  The design was produced for Gustavsberg.

Found: At a small, upscale and, in my opinion, pompous thrift store in Madison that tries to cater to midcentury tastes by upcharging to antique store prices on arbitrary midcentury finds. Luckily, they miss a lot, such as this tea cup and saucer set and a Knoll chair I purchased with it recently.

Price: $3.99 for the cup and saucer

Value: $75-$110 for the set

Plans: It’s a keeper until further notice. I don’t have a permanent place to display it currently, but I plan to make room for it. Eventually, I may sell it if the right client comes along.

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